Wednesday, March 19, 2014

40 Days of Enough ... Day 13 - Blade Runner 30th Anniversary boxset

I've spoken about the Blade Runner soundtrack ... and thought I'd mention the boxset I purchased at the same time. It is the pride of my collection, even though my personal favourite version of Blade Runner is the original European Theatrical release ... I like the voice-over, if you must know.

This artefact is something special ... its more than just the films but the whole thing, the whole artefact, that means something to me. It was bought with the proceeds of a special recognition award, received from my employer, and I've kept it together, resisting the temptation to frame the cards or the still, or use the tin as a piece box - something I would love to do but can't.

In today's digital age, the artefact has never been more important. Kindles and iPads have or will rid us of the 'pulp' books and films ... the stuff we'll read or watch once and then forget about ... but they will never rid us of the content we dearly treasure and obsess about, the stuff we want to keep and pass down to our children. Savvy content-creators understand this and look to provide the best version they can, or at least provide something special, something that will last. This boxset is such a 'thing', and it is something I am grateful to own and one day pass on.


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