Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Loving ... the video for "Storm Petrel" by David Lawrie

This is a real treat!

David Lawrie has released a video for the title track of his most recent EP “Storm Petrel” ... an EP I described as:
"a worthwhile listening experience … one that stirred the heart whilst entertaining the mind with vivid word-pictures. I could quite happily listen to the music on its own … the instrumentation contained within being something of wonder. However, with the addition of Lawrie’s vocals, something beautiful is formed … something magical and unique … something it is hard not to love."
This Is Not A Scene

Lawrie recently teamed up with animator Stas Shch (Stas3dArt) to create something truly beautiful and utterly inspiring ... the video for "Storm Petrel" maintains the simple performance element of his previous video, “Feline”, whilst enveloping it in a wild 3D world where origami skyscrapers grow like trees, sound looks like neon and catastrophic tidal waves are made from particles of light.

Enjoy the video ... and if you like what you here, please support Lawrie by buying his music.


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