Sunday, March 30, 2014

5 exceptional short films from Danny Cooke

I saw my first Danny Cooke film on The Fox Is Black this morning ... I found "Upside Down, Left to Right" utterly captivating. I find the whole process of Letterpress printing to be fascinating and wanted to share the film.

The film was shot is such a masterful manner that I went looking for more.

I watched this film: "David A Smith - Reverse Glass, Gold Leaf Sign Artist". Another utterly fascinating film on a deeply interesting subject - creating signage using gold leaf and the reverse glass technique.

I then ended up on "OurGlass of Cockington" ... a film about 'OurGlass', a glassblowing studio formed in 1995 and now situated in Cockington Village, located in the South Devon. It is another brilliant video, wonderfully shot in a sympathetic manner.

Cooke's video of deep sea diver Ray Ives in "Ray: A Life Underwater" is truly immersive (pardon the pun) and a visual treat ... as is "Darrienia" with Bethany Rose Harrison's dancing and music by Lockerbie.

Enjoy ... and subscribe to Cooke's videos on YouTube ... I think his best is yet to come.


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