Tuesday, October 09, 2007



This is my 1,714th post on the ol' nanolog... not sure why I am countin' other than to say I've been bloggin' and takin' photos for over 2 years now... and am still lovin' it!

Been busy of late... and my Facebook addiction has kind of taken over... but the passion is still there for nice photos and [hopefully] interestin' content.

Will post on what's been happenin' tomorrow... its gettin' late and the jazz that's on iTunes is the only thing that's keepin' me awake and makin' my spellin' kinda funky:

Picked up this compilation of dancefloor jazz, deep latin and hard funk for 50p tonight at the Salvation Army charity shop in Bellshill. Its a fab collection of the funkiest... liveliest... upbeat grooves that I've heard in a while. Oscar Peterson >> Jimmy Smith >> Horace Silver and even Tom Jones feature. Nice!

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