Tuesday, October 23, 2007

((deep)) no1

Starting to gather

The first step proper in the ((deep)) journey happened on Saturday night. 40 or so folk gathered together for a time of informal worship, teaching and prayer… with a good dose of gathering together mixed in for good measure.

We opened with a fab video compiled from street “vox pops” by Tony Scott. He asked people who they thought Jesus was/is. Funny. I’ll get him to upload it to YouTube.


The Essential Band with Paul Clement on guitar and without the services of Alistair Smith (long story… not good) then led a period of worship and praise… Passionate… Energetic… Enthusiastic… and loud. Their version of “Amazing Grace” would have John Newton himself crowdsurfing.

During the worship, I led the folks gathered in the words from Shane Claiborne about pledging our allegiance. Worked well.

Alistair and Lucy

Afterwards… Lucy Mann… Captain at the Glasgow West Corps and Facebook friend (as well as friend in real life) brought some thoughts on who Peter thought Jesus was. She was awesome. Natural and engaging… exactly the kind of person we need at these kind of events.

Prayer Station


From this… we broke up and empowered the folks gathered to pray… or talk to Lucy… or just bask in the moment with tunes from Michael Jessop aka DJ Ninja (above). It was a wonderful sight to see everyone relating to each other… drinking coffee and fruit juice… being instead of just doing. Nice.

They came from the East

We came together… and Lucy summed stuff up with prayer and searching… where she asked those gathered to ask what our God wants us to do for Him (as opposed to always asking Him for things for us). Worked well with a participatory attitude reflected in the actions of those in the space.

All in… a good time that we must build upon… learn the lessons as to why certain things worked and others didn’t.


Personally, I was and am humbled by the love of God and His empowering of the team that were there. This is beyond me… sure I had the vision… but this is bigger than me… Its not there yet… by any means but I was humbled by the way people got it and worked it all out to make it happen. ((deep)) is on the map… and is now a real team effort. My thanks to everyone involved…

Here’s to the next one in Erskine on the 8th December with Gary Bishop.

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