Saturday, October 27, 2007

This was my weekend :: Friday

The old team

Met up with members of my old team this afternoon for a catch up... Mike, my old boss (far right) recently became a dad again and it seemed appropriate that we needed to gather and set the world... or at least my project to right. I am the last remaining member of the original team... and its hard, to say the least. I have a whole ton of respect for these guys... they tell it as it is and work together... no games. I miss them.

Haggis, Neaps & Tatties... Rab Ha's style

I had a fab plate of Haggis, Neaps and Tatties. Nice. In fact, super nice!

Queuing in Glasgow

After work... I grabbed a latte and waited in the queue at the Apple store to see a realtime demo of the new Mac operating system 10.5 aka Leopard.

Queuing in Glasgow

While waiting I spoke with a chap from Carluke who is in the mobile software development game and a true Mac geek. He let me see his iPhone [unlocked and on T-Mobile]. We talked about Apple's recent "iBrick" farce... and how this has spoiled the rep of the Corporate that's cool to love. We also talked iMacs and apps and Garageband. Lovely.

I broke it... oops!

I got a chance to play with a MacBook running Leopard with a lass I met there called Arla... we struck up a conversation and had a real blether all about the operating system, Macs and iPods. Sweet. While talking... I managed to break the MacBook - I launched Expose in the Coverflow finder and it went dead... nothing... zip... nada. The genius had to restart the MacBook. Oops!

Been there... got the tee-shirt

So, yeah... that's me got my second Apple tee-shirt... and I got to meet a couple of sweet, likeminded people. Nice evening.

What do I think of Leopard? I can't really post a review as I didn't play with it for that long. Will I run out and buy it? Not right now... I want it to bed down. Its an evolution rather than a revolution [I think it was Mossberg who said that in a review] and one I can wait on. The whole coverflow idea is fab and timemachine is a great addition. As is the stacking system of docs and apps... reducing the clutter on the desktop. I think this is another great idea.

The biggest thing for me, however, is spaces... where you can extend the desktop is an unique way - why is it important? Well after seeing it... I agree with the chap from Carluke... it is a nifty piece of tech that will keep folk like me more organised... but more than that... it is a signpost for the future... where small screens suddenly become bigger without becoming physically bigger. Its a big idea.

Afterwards... I headed home for pizza and Ugly Betty. Good Friday!

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Anonymous said...

hey that all sounds great, but there are no pictures of your experience-- just comes up with a question mark on Safari...

Anonymous said...

aw - missed that! you getting the upgrade then? I'm thinking of the iphone too (cost may prevent me tho) - was been playing with Dod's ipod touch last weekend - wow!

weareallghosts said...

@Roy... thanks buddy, not sure why the pics aren't working. have you reset your cache?

@Paul... hey buddy... long time?!? I am not upgrading at the mo' but will at some point. The iPhone is on the list... but I'll wait until my contract expires... by that point I hope the phone is cheaper. Not big on the early adopter tax.


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