Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunday Night…

Olly, Dayna & Miriam

Olly and I with the we’ans in tow headed through to the Salvation Army in Govan to celebrate the enrolment of two young folk, Ruth and Craig, that we know from Summer School.

Ruth's enrolment

For those who don’t know this weird language that folk from the Salvation Army use… enrolment as a Senior Soldier is like being baptised… its an outward demonstration of the individual’s love for Jesus and a visual declaration of their commitment to serving Him and serving the poor… in whatever way possible. In some ways, it’s a big step… but it is not just a rite of passage… there needs to be an living and tangible commitment… a decision to follow.

Craig's enrolment

Ruth and Craig have made this commitment… and we wanted to acknowledge this. We witnessed the life-changing work of the Holy Spirit in their lives back in the Summer at Dunblane… and this was an important milestone in their lives.

It was an awesome celebration… a truly joyous, loud and idiosyncratically Army affair… the band were on fire and the tambourines were getting shoogled with gusto.


Scott & SusanWe're the kids from Music School...woe ohFraser, Adam, me and BrianColin, Laura & Olly

Afterwards, we caught up with loads of our pals… it was like a Summer School reunion. Good times.

May God bless you Ruth and Craig! I leave you with one piece of advice: this Christian malarky is about the journey as much as it is about the destination. It’s a walk with the Lord… not a wait (as Pernell put it… in an airport lounge) for the Lord.

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