Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Headphonaught :: Model

Diane feelin' my puppies

Last night I started a journey to add another string to my bow... that of model!

HAHAHAHA... I'm wee and fat... how the heck did I get to become a model???

Well its all for a good cause and a hearty laugh. The Salvation Army Charity Shop in Bellshill is hosting a Fashion Show and they asked for volunteers... Olly and I were up for a laugh so we said YES!!!

Last night... we went over the shop to hunt for our outfits... I won't spoil anything... but I will be wearing the t-shirt shown above as part of one of my casual ensembles. Its awful... but yet endearing in its awfulness... and that's why I am wearing it... and will keep it afterwards. Its going to be good fun... and for a good cause.

Although... I have to say Olly looks far better in her gear than I do.

[Cue gratuitous pic of my life]


Will keep you posted.

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