Sunday, October 14, 2007

Croydon's return

Croydon Band

This weekend the Croydon Salvation Army Band returned the visit we paid them in June... and it was fantastic to hook up with Johnny again... along with his pal Darren.

Johnny & Dan

The band held a festival at the Bellshill Academy last night... Dan (pictured above (right)) & Carol-Anne came through for the event... and to hook up with Johnny. Dan and Johnny are Salvationist bloggers and part of the nanolog community... it was sweet to see them finally meet up.

It was a good evening... got to meet loads of old friends... Brian & Gregor "Hoochie Koochie" Keachie were there... as was Laura Kilgour. I got to meet Johnny's parents too... which was nice.

Afterwards... we headed back to our house for bagels and conversation. It was fab to catch up with Johnny... a man after my own heart... and a real pleasure to meet and get to know Darren... the cricket-playin' husband and father of two. We really connected... which was wonderful.

Joint Band - March of Witness

After the services in the morning... both bands (Croydon & Bellshill) took part in a march of witness through the main streets of Bellshill. Its an amazing feeling to march with the band... and it is well received in the town.


Aferwards... we headed to Nando's for food. We wanted to spend time together in conversation... so rather than cooking... we ate out.

Roscoe & JohnnyJohnny & JaneyJaney, Carolyn and Miriam

Ross and Janey joined us with their billet... Carolyn (above with Janey)... for a great laugh and time of sharing... which carried on into Starbucks.

This was a wonderful weekend... full of great fellowship and togetherness.

Thank you to everyone who made this weekend special... especially Olly for all her hard work.

More pics here

Oh and C'mon Scotland!!!

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Johnny said...

What a weekend!

Much love



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