Monday, October 22, 2007

Off the grid…

On the beach

Last week Olly, the we’ans, Pippin and I spent 5 glorious days off the grid… OK, I admit it… I did twitter but it was a well earned rest from Facebook, blogging, email etc.

We spent the time in Scarborough in Yorkshire… on the east coast of England. Scarborough is a wonderful place and a very special place for Olly and I… and a place the we’ans love too.

I won’t go into ad nauseum about everything we did… but we managed to visit all the places we love:

The beach

the sea front, harbour and beach…


the shows at the front…

Peasholm Park

The remains of Mr Marvel's Fun Park

Peasholm Park and the remnants of Mr Marvel’s Fun Land…


the quirky wee shops like Mr Mojo’s Music Café and Sublime. We also found new places to love... like the home furnishing shop above or...

Farm Shop on A66

the Farmshop on the A66. All in... it was a wonderful break.

We watched loads of films… Kindergarten Cop… The Bourne Supremacy… The Curse of the Were-Rabbit…

The local cinema

We even went to the local independent non-chain cinema to see the new Pixar flick Ratatouille… which was wonderful… although the popcorn wasn’t salted and the seats were torturous.

York Minster

On the Wednesday we headed through to York… taking the train instead of the car (I love trains!!!) We love York… it’s a wonderfully cosmopolitan mix of the old and new…


with the kind of shops we just soak up… individual… unique… curated boutiques with the finest stuff imaginable.


We love to look… like tourists in a museum rather than as consumers… stuff is way too expensive.

We headed home late on the Friday night… Olly and kept each other awake with chat on the failure of classical music to innovate and other trivialities.

Good times. I got home to over 2000 entries in Google Reader and a few hundred emails… of which I think the majority we for Facebook apps [no more, please!!!]

We are all rested and of a cheerier disposition… Thanks to Olly for making this break happen. Love you!

More photos here

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Anonymous said...

Great travelblog, as usual Thomas! So this is what you did last thing after a 16(?)hour day on Monday night?


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