Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sunday past

Lt Col Dawn and Roland Sewell

Sunday was pretty busy... but in a nice way! We had visiting leaders in the shape of Lt Col Dawn and Roland Sewell... who led our meetings with a distinctly outward looking focus. They were inspirational and great company. I've podcast Dawn's thought from the morning here and I am aiming to post Roland's before the end of the week.

Before the meeting a few us gathered to pray prior to the morning meeting. Its something that's been missing from Bellshill for a long time... and I'm glad Kenny took the initiative to make it happen.

Dan, me, Matt & Debbie

Later on... after the night meeting... a fair number of us gathered for S*N*A*C. Dan and Carol-Anne came through from Glenrothes... and Matthew and Debbie joined us from Peterhead. Felt good to minister to some special friends.

We journeyed through Psalm 40... using songs, readings, discussion, testimony and response to shape our worship. It worked well and I was glad for the turn out... with Colin from Airdrie coming along too.

Good times!

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