Sunday, October 07, 2007

Shane Claiborne :: 31st Oct 07 :: Bishopbriggs

Received the above flyer from Paul Ede from Urban Expression with the FANTASTIC news that Shane Claiborne is coming to Glasgow. This is a must-do event. This is the chap who I have spoken about before on the ol' nanolog and have been so inspired by him... ever since Andy W turned me on to him ((cheers again Andy)).

This is the chap who said this recently...
With governments that kill…
…we will not comply.

With the theology of empire…
…we will not comply.

With the business of militarism…
…we will not comply.

With the hoarding of riches
…we will not comply.

With the dissemination of fear
…we will not comply.

But today we pledge our allegiance to the kingdom of God…
…we pledge allegiance.

To the peace that is not like Rome’s…
…we pledge allegiance.

To the Gospel of enemy love
…we pledge allegiance.
As quoted in Revolution in Jesusland

Be there!

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Johnny said...

Should be a gooder!

J :-)


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