Tuesday, December 04, 2007

7 from 8 > Christmas S*N*A*C

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S*N*A*C (aka Sunday Night After Church) was our second "7 from 8" even though we kicked off at 8:27pm due to a longer than usual evening meeting.

The key to a "7 from 8" gathering is simplicity > its about taking time out > relaxing in the busy milieu of Advent. 7 readings. 7 songs. No commentary. Participation. Contribution. Darkness interspersed with candles.

I introduced the gathering and set the scene... then let things flow (all readings from The Message except 7 which is from New King James version)>
  1. Liz kicked off the readings with The Birth of Jesus [Matthew 1: 18-25] > BLOC then played "Silent Night"
  2. Diane then read The Birth of Jesus [Luke 2: 1-7] > Janey played "Away in a Manger" on the piano
  3. Bobby read A Virgin will bear a son [Isaiah 7: 10-14] > we moved into a period reflection and contemplation > I played "Emmanuel" by Blackmore's Night on the ol' iPod.
  4. Kirsty brought us An event for everyone [Luke 2: 8-20] > we then listened to BLOC who brought us an awesome version of "O Holy Night"
  5. Janey read A Virgin conceives [Luke 1: 26-35] > we then completed the contemplative time with another track from the ol' iPod > "I am, You are" by the Martins
  6. I then read Scholars from the East [Matthew 2] > BLOC played "A First Noel"
  7. Lawrie brought the readings to a close with Isaiah's prophesy For unto us a Child is born [Isaiah 9: 2-7] > BLOC then finished with "Love came down at Christmas"
Alec closed the gathering with a prayer and we enjoyed some fellowship over Starbucks espresso blend coffee and mince pies. Simple yet effective evening.

Kirsty, Frazer & Liz at SNAC

It was great to see Kirsty and Frazer (above with Liz) who journeyed through from Edinburgh. It was also fab to see the Billiard boys and some friends from Airdrie corps. Thanks for coming.

Sometimes we just need to stop and take time out to think > this S*N*A*C provided this gap... and I believe it was well received. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

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