Sunday, December 16, 2007

Is this the new chapter I've been waiting for?

New Day

I took this pic last Monday... almost prophetically... to represent the light of a new day > never realising that Monday would be the start of something new for me.

I tend not to talk about my work... partly because I have had issues in the past with what my calling is... and partly because of a misguided feeling that my job wasn't "hip enough" > I am inspired by artists, musicians, moviemakers and the selfless "saints" who put the last, lost and least before themselves. Banking isn't really up there as a personal inspiration for me > at least, until now.

I have been struggling with uncertainty for a while now... its a long story but I was employed by the project I was working on and not by an "engineering room" [a term for a team of technology "specialists"]. In essence, I was a statistical anomaly > one that meant I would be displaced/redundant when the project finished > one that meant I would not receive training or mentoring support. I never did get the PRINCE2 training promised to me.

Anyway... on Monday I was offered a place within the "Business Analysis" Engineering Room > I have made a good impression within the project team... and my line manager within the project pulled out the stops to get me into the BA ER.

The pluses well outweighed the minuses:
  • support
  • training including national accreditation
  • guidance
  • being part of a team
  • overtime entitlement
The only thing I had to give up was my "grade" and "title" aka my ego > my pay, benefits and holiday entitlement are protected.

My role is pretty much the exact same as it was... I am a "Business Analyst"... but the opportunity that has been given to me far outshines where I was. I am not solely tied to my project > I could move on to other projects > expand my knowledge and exposure within the Bank. I will be able to train to become a recognised professional instead of an enthusiastic amateur.

Monday, as you can gather, was an important day for me > I was grinning like the Cheshire Cat on Upper.


Crazy thing is... it gets better > On Thursday I was part of a "Corporate Social Responsibility" event organised in partnership between my employer (the people), Business in the Community (the fixer) and Neilston Primary School in Glasgow.

I was there because I joined the team on Monday > this was an experience I would never have had if I remained a "lone wolf" on the project.

I had a great time... helping to prune and reshape a living willow structure that kids will play in. Others tidied flower beds, planted trees, built a mosaic, built a compost container and reclaimed overgrown spaces. I enjoyed doing something different, being outdoors (it was freezing) and, most importantly, getting to meet my new team members.

The wider team (Business Analysis is one of 5 ERs within "Business Change") are a diverse bunch of people > wide variety of ages and experiences. Scots... Irish... English... some with Asian descent. One chap is blind and his guidedog is really cute... as most Labs are.

For once, in a long time, I felt at home > welcomed in as part of the team... equal and yet unique.

I had the opportunity to go out for dinner and a pub quiz that evening... but I had tickets for Dayna and Miriam's Christmas Play and I wasn't for missing that.

But that's not all > On Friday, I was approached by the Programme Director of my project and presented with a "special recognition award" for work undertaken a few months back on risk management. I was blown away by this... getting noticed and recognised for putting in a ton of effort to meet a deadline. I'll post about what I bought with the vouchers another time.

I thank God for this > for giving me this opportunity... and for opening this door. I can see, with hindsight, that this is where I was meant to end up... all those abortive attempts to leave the project... and the solution... the way forward... was waiting for me, all this time.

I have a wider area of influence and testimony... which is very important as I bed down and get known. I have to opportunity to shine... and be good at something for once... to specialise in an area within the Bank... and develop a set of transferable skills.

What's more... I have more security > I can stop worrying... and get on with getting good.

The thing is... we all have our role to play. We all contribute to God's Kingdom and this world > we are all Tent Makers, so to speak. We need to be the best we can be for God... shining our lights through our example... tangibly demonstrating a new and better way > one where the Peacemaker is blessed.

So here's to you... to the artists, musicians, moviemakers and the selfless "saints" who put the last, lost and least before themselves; to the stay-at-home mums, the teachers and lecturers, AND the business folk who do what they do for Him... and do it well. You inspire me.


caldjr said...

Amen, Amen, Amen.

Glad its working out T. And hey - don't underestimate how much of an inspiration you are to people.

And while we're on a mutual resources gathering fest (ref Matt Little's poem) can I use your pic of the sunrays please?

love and prayers as always


Jonathan Blundell said...

praise God for His blessings.
glad to know things are looking up!
wishing you and your's the best.

weareallghosts said...

Thanks to both of you... and Dan of course buddy > grab it from FLICKR.

Anonymous said...

Here is a good resource to help you in your business analyst role:

Modern Analyst

Anonymous said...

Congrats my man!

caldjr said...

thanks pal. photo duly grabbed!

Anonymous said...


Thats great news!

May you be encouraged as your nanolog comunity of friends and family encourage you further......

May God's blessing be upon you brother Thomas, sister Olwyn and girls.

Christmas card in post.

Blessings to you each in the season,

Love Matthew & Debbie.

PS Sorry we couldnt be at Forfar to hear the band.

Anonymous said...

This is just laughable. I've known you in work for a good few years now and this hilarious.

You take other people's work and call it your own. You refuse to give credit to them for their ideas. You try to make it seem as if people are working for you when they are in fact the same level as you. I'd guess from my past experiences with you that this work you got your SRA for belonged to someone else too.

You're a joke to many people in your workplace Tom. I just thought you should know that.

I'm glad I've never had the misfortune of working personally with you. This job is too depressing to have to put up with the crap that you spiel on a minute basis.

Also, no one gives a fuck that you're going to Philadelphia. Stop going on about it every time someone stops near you. And they don't want to talk to you either. No one likes you.

littlelaughalot said...

jealousy is an awful thing....isn't it. I love you Thomas. You are a very likeable and loveable person and all those around you enjoy being in your company. You are very well respected and the opinion of those who love you are what really counts. Some people sadly....well...are just sad.


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