Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Film Night > Wednesday, 19th December

Olly is hosting a film night next Wednesday at the Bellshill Salvation Army and you are cordially invited. We are going to watch the fab Nativity Story and share in a time of fellowship. Advent is way too busy... and this will give us all a chance to stop and soak in the wonderful story.

The Nativity Story (film) is excellent > well crafted and beautifully reenacted. A real or should I say reel (haha) treat for us all. Be there and bring your own goodies to share... tea and coffee will be provided (I think).

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a castle said...

Thanks for Paul's email, I just email him then so I'll let you know how I go.
I tried to guess his email the other day as I couldn't find it anywhere... I was so close, I just had to exchange my . for a _ and drop the uk :^ )


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