Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Today is a sad day for me... My pal Pernell is taking a break from blogging. I'm really bummed out by this > but then I am being totally selfish. Pernell's been through the mill of late and I fully understand his losing interest.

So anyway... love you P > keep up the good work and keep in touch!


Anonymous said...

Thomas, you are a good lad. I have enjoyed getting to know you through the sharing of our blogs. I hope one day to be back at it, but for now I just have no interest.

I will continue to read the ol' nanolog regularly, as I need my Thomas fix... and who knows, maybe I'll have more time to comment more frequently now.

By the way, I loved your letter to The Salvationist. Good for you. I have been de-valued for not being a Salvation Army Officer time and time and again. It sucks. It's not right. You bring up a great subject to be carefully considered and not ignored as you were.

Know that I value who you are and your calling. Keep fighting, you theological simpleton, you.

weareallghosts said...

Thanks bro... love you!


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