Tuesday, December 11, 2007

((deep)) #2

The Essential Band

This weekend was pretty amazing… and I wanted to single in on ((deep)) first off. I’ll talk on the rest in another post or two.

Saturday night was awesome… in the real meaning of the work > I was struck dumb in awe.

After a few calls on the Friday night and Saturday morning… I headed into Glasgow with one job > pick up the Ninja. For me this wasn’t a job but a privilege > I really like Michael’s company and it was nice to spend some time together for a blether. I hooked up with him outside Urban Outfitters and we popped into the new American Apparel store prior to jumping into the car. I’ll talk more on that in the other post.

We had a good blether > he is so on the page with what I dream of… its as if he was sent to Glasgow. Crazy! He’s on page with the whole “sustainable business model” for a space for culturally relevant shenanigans within a subtle Christian context > as I said… sent!

The weather was horrible as we drove from Glasgow to Erskine. Erskine is not that far outside Glasgow. It is approx 5.5 miles from Braehead shopping centre - this is relevant as it would appear Erskine is too far for folk who regularly shop in Braehead. This myopia needs to be challenged.

For the Q&A

Anyway… got to the hall and was struck dumb. I nearly welled up with the emotion of seeing a dream come true: a first class interactive prayer space… the band sounding great > all set up and practising… the café space laid out… I was blown away… and it was at that point… as I rolled up my sleeves in the kitchen that I realised my role.

Prayer SpacePrayer Space

Prayer Space

My role is to dream dreams… share the dream and let others take the dream and run with it. I’m not there to manage the event… its more about me seeing the vision and doing what needs done to open the doors for those suitably gifted with the creativity to do what they do best… while I help out with whatever. I’m not sure if this is a new form of leadership… but it works. Iain… Kirsty and Cal from Easterhouse… Paul, Jen and the E Band… Tony… Ninja… all make ((deep)) what it is… because they have caught the dream and are running with it in their own way. Beautifully synergistic decentralised creativity > as I said earlier… awesome!

Filling up

After Ninja had provided some sweet soulful tunes and Ivor had introduced Gary Bishop… we entered a period of worship. Intense and worthwhile > we sung sweet redemption songs and had a real sense of freedom of expression… dancing… arms raised… people connecting with God > intimate and dangerously lifechanging. Awesome.


Iain then sat down with Gary and held a Q&A session… I thought he had gotten the order mixed up but this work so well… it provided the background on Gary’s context and situation.

We had a break > coffee… tea… muffins… coke (as in cola)… j2o… with Tony and me in the kitchen.

More worship from the Band followed this break and then Gary took to the floor. I have recorded most of his talk and will enclose it here later… He spoke of John the Baptizer and who he thought Jesus was… and encapsulated his thoughts with this phrase:

"God is God… I am not!"

Powerful words indeed. At the end he spoke a prophetic word where he encouraged those amassed to be confident in their own abilities as they were from God > We can do it.


At the end he encouraged everyone to bring an offering to God from on their person... symbolic of giving something back to God. I gave my headphones > for me I want to give God my comfort... my music > my passion and enjoyment > give Him my all. Others left passports, wallets, rings... it was inspiring what people brought to God.

Gary & Tommy

It was great to see Gary and Tommy (Gary's old nextdoor neighbour and someone transformed by God through Gary > I had a good chat with Tommy regarding the Hatton fight and other things... great chap... he's in Chapter five of Gary's book).

After Gary and Tommy left... there was a period of contemplation and prayer > the feeling of being in the Presence was fab. People sharing in prayer... dotted around the room... Iain prostrate on the floor. Beautiful.

Me and Mr Ede

It was great to see Paul, Esther and Shona there from Urban Expression > thanks guys!

Paul & Ninja

A great night... all in... thanks to everyone for making it what it was.

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