Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Film Night > Wednesday, 19th December > afterwards...

The film night was a reel (sorry...) success! Approximately 50 folk joined us to watch the Nativity Story and not just the usual S*N*A*C crowd either... one or two new faces from the Corps supported us... which was sweet.

The main response... as we gathered for coffee [Starbucks Espresso blend] afterwards... was one of gratitude > the film really helped them get the story and see it in a new light... which was uplifting for Olly and I.

My thanks to Isabel for the refreshments and Alec + Andrea for allowing us to host the evening. Delighted. Catch the film asap > its well worth it!

Oh... and... it was great to see Ian and Cal from Easterhouse. Thanks for coming chaps... and thanks for reading the ol' nanolog!

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Anonymous said...

I was playing at the company carol service last week, and part of the programme was a song underpinned with a scene from the Nativity film. Looked interesting...I may have to see if I can get it through my Cable provider.



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