Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Miriam's Christmas Message

My daughter Miriam was asked at school to write a poem about Christmas... She was given 2 rules: 3 words per line... 4 lines. This is what my 6 year wrote:
Angel Sang Mary
Sparkling Star Night
Special Baby Jesus
Joseph Bethlehem Traveling
She has summed up the whole Nativity in 12 words... in some kind of haiku-like poem. I think it is beautiful... but then I am her dad.

On behalf of Olly and myself... Dayna and Miriam... let me wish you all... in the ol' Nanolog Community and beyond... a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

Christ has come... for everyone! Regardless of the definitions and boundaries we set... or have set for us (willingly or unwillingly)... He has come for everyone.


Laura Whispering said...

i love that.
Merry Christmas to you all xo

J said...

Brava, Miriam! That's a lovely poem.


darrin said...

That Was Good
Miriam You Star
Keep On Writing
You'll Go Far


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