Saturday, December 01, 2007

More thoughts on consumption... from an unlikely source

Read this and was amazed >
I am committed to the creative process.../ However, I dislike consumerism and abhor the need for quantity not quality or the pressure to have the "it" item every season without taking into consideration one's personality or identity.
Giorgio Armani > Shortlist

Wow... these comments struck me dumb > Armani commenting in such a way is inspirational. There is hope > just hope it feeds through to the fashionistas and label-whores.


Anonymous said...


weareallghosts said...

sorry bro if I offended you with this... I just mean folk who do anything for their labels and for the "it" thing.

Not a gracious statement > label-whores are the whosoever Jesus came to Earth for too.

Thanks for calling me on this



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