Sunday, March 13, 2011

Adding insult to injury

Adding insult to injury... my DHQ have created another poster. I didn't need nor ask for another poster to be made. Tx

At church this morning I noticed that my poster has been replaced with the one above.

I find it insulting for the following reasons:

1) In my response to DHQ... I said the following:

"...As for the poster, I would prefer you kept it in situ as I think destroying it would be a waste of resources and, as such, poor stewardship on the part of DHQ."
I want everyone to know that I never requested my poster removed. I am not that petty. I also think the paper and ink needed to create these additional posters would have been a waste of resources.

2) When discussing the poster, I was told to include a picture of the visiting band. In addition, I was told that my photo of the cornet... on its own... was too overpowering and they'd prefer the picture to be more in the background and the information to be more prominent. I guess these requirements no longer apply, huh?

3) I said all I wanted to say and whilst invited to discuss the matter further, I didn't consider it necessary... especially on non-neutral turf. I wanted to let it lie, why couldn't they?

I'm hurt... I see this action as being completely unnecessary... except to spite me. If you see it differently then let me know... because I can not see this as being anything other than a further kick after I was down.

That said... I intend to put this behind me. I am excited at the thought of new leadership within DHQ... new leaders who come well recommended by dear friends. I hope they will be the fresh air that the West of Scotland Division really desperately needs.


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Angus Mathie said...

I think you have handled the situation well using honesty and clarity without rancour. Ultimately the Lord knows and understands although it does hurt, especially as it was so unnecessary. Satan will employ all means to discourage but the Lord will bring us through even such hurtful events.


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