Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Please don't assert your own self-asserted grandiose orthodoxy on me!

"...fundamentalism is the more terrible and destructive heresy than the thoughts of some doctrinal revisionists, as the fundamentalists (in heretical fashion) assert their own self-asserted grandiose orthodoxy on others, dividing the body where it ought not to be, all for the ironic sake, in a paranoid frenzy, trying to find the inauthentic believer, to root out the snake in the grass, the wolf in sheep's clothing that does not truly believe in the true fundamentals of the faith and will ultimately harm the flock!
Rob Bell, Love Wins, and Forgetting the Rule of Faith :: after orthodoxy? via @diecast with thanks.

When it comes to matters of faith... I don't like to be told what to think. I believe God gave me a brain for a reason... and whilst it does contain too many lines from Bladerunner and displays a fondness for Bon Jovi lyrics... it does work.

This quote is taken from a very helpful blogpost... that articulates some of the thoughts I have had of late concerning the approach of certain folks regarding Rob Bell's latest book.

I don't appreciate being told what to think... and I hope my friends (both those who hold to faith and those who don't) will testify to this.

So to all the Fundamentalists out there who may read this... please don't assert your own self-asserted grandiose orthodoxy on me! Let me think for myself.


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Jonathan Blundell said...

"My friend Adele (Sakler) describes fundamentalism as holding on so tightly to your beliefs that your fingernails leave imprints in the palm of your hand." - Rachel Held Evans in Evolving in Monkey Town


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