Saturday, March 12, 2011

Things I am grateful for #2 ... photosafaris with friends

110311_ Glaswegian skyline #1

When it comes to photography... the only thing I love more than taking photos is... taking photos with like-minded friends.

I have spoken before of the wee posse of photogeeks at my work... that I brought together share knowledge and shoot pics together... and today I am no less grateful for them. The group has really bonded and we share some great times out and about in Glasgow on a Friday lunch hour.

110311_ looking up from the MacIntosh room #2

Yesterday, we paid the Lighthouse another visit. We had intended travelling on the clockwork orange to an old church in Govan but the weather wasn't ideal... and we collectively decided not to chance it. The Lighthouse is such a wonderful venue with features and views ideal for a roving band of photogeeks.

I shot with my Nikon d60 and nifty-fifty lens... and Don's Yashica A TLR (after discovering the shutter needs cocked (thanks Marc!)). I've processed the digital pics but have a few to take on the Yashica before I get them developed. I have a feeling they will be horrendous because I'm doing a lot of guesswork... but that's how I learn so we'll see.

110311_ towards the infinite

The rest of my photos are available here. I'll post on the Yashica pics when I finish the roll.


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