Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Currently listening to... "Disarm" by She Makes War


I listen to a whole heap of music these days... and every so often I hear something completely fresh... something that is wonderfully new-to-me... that makes me rejoice in the power of music to connect, inspire, empower & revive.

I have been listening to "disarm" by She Makes War aka @warriorgrrl on Twitter ... and am rejoicing at the quality & diversity of the music contained therein.

I love her voice... it has a uniqueness about it - an enticing combination of tenderness and sheer power - that is a joy to listening to.

I also love her instrumentation... it twists and turns whilst staying close to the alt.rock genre.

All in... a wonderful discovery & well recommended.

She gives me hope that Britain does indeed have talent... just not on ITV.


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