Monday, March 14, 2011

Five from bandcamp #8 (for Music Monday)

Five more albums from bandcamp that have really spoken to me...

First up we have some seriously powerful and atmospheric post-rock soundscapes from Sky Flying By. Their album... Do they still make lighthouses?... has a wonderfully cinematic soundtrack feel to it that moves from very expansive, unhurried and open... to tight, rhythmic and immediate. My kind of sound.

Pay what you want.

It would appear the link above is now dead... you can still by the album on iTunes for approximately £5. Shame... as I thought I had it but didn't.

Next up we have To Bury A Ghost with the Hurt Kingdom EP. This EP needs to be heard. I doubt I could do the combination of sounds, rhythms and vocal harmonies justice with words alone. The backing is very much beat driven with some fantastic guitars and other instrumentation... that is intentionally deep and dense... which underpins some seriously haunting vocals... reminiscent of Guy Harvey, Tom Yorke and Bono.


Butterfly Explosion bring some fab music to the table with their album Lost Trails. Their sound has a dreamy pop / shoegaze aesthetic with breathless vocals, vibrant drums and layers of guitar... that, when combined with a post-rock sensibility and structure, makes for a really compelling and immersive listening experience.

Well worth the €3 asking price, imho.

Real life color by Magicman is a collection of atmospheric lo-fi electronic soundscapes... that engage with their simple charm and grace... a very jaunty and upbeat grace at times... something I am very grateful for. I love music like this... it spreads happiness... and makes me smile!

Pay what you want

Last up we have Jigsaws by nanolog favourite good weather for an airstrike. Jigsaws is a collection of drones recorded between 2009-2011... that makes for wonderful headphone music... the kind you put on when you have to concentrate and want to block out the world. I particularly enjoy the ambience of the tracks whilst reading H.P. Lovecraft on my daily commute... albeit... the music probably isn't dark enough to soundtrack his books. That said... Jigsaws does complement the books nicely and is a welcome addition to the tunes on my iPhome.

Pay what you want

That's me for now... please support independent music!

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