Friday, March 04, 2011

Three non-Apple tech toys... I would really like

OK... I admit it. I am a card-carrying Apple fan boy... but I also acknowledge awesomeness from other providers. Apples are not the only fruit... so to speak.

First up... we have the ubiquitous Amazon Kindle. Yes... I have the Kindle app on my iPad and my iPhone... but there is something about the Kindle that is really appealing. I think its something to do with the non-backlit display. I also have a ton of books on my Kindle app and it would "protect them" if Apple did something silly and blocked the app.

Next up is an awesome speaker system from Jambox from Jawbone... it connects via bluetooth or 3.5mm cable and provides amplification to your life on your phone... tablet... or laptop. It can be used to play songs... or take calls. Its getting a good press and intrigues me as a device... taking the personal towards a more public sphere.

Lastly, we have the Lightscribe Echo "Smartpen"... which, in conjunction with special paper, allows you to record your meetings via an audio recorder and a tiny camera that tracks your writing and creates a "softcopy" of your notes when you sync with your PC or Mac. A friend at work has one of these and I think it would be a real time-saver... removing the time needed to transcribe your notes. I find I write my notes rather than type them... typing on a laptop creates a barrier between yourself and the person you are meeting.

So yeah... that's me... for now. If anyone has any ideas of non-Apple toys that I've missed... that would really work in my life, please let me know.


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Ian McKenzie said...

I've been checking into the Smartpen. I use Evernote extensively and the pen ties into it.

I have my professional convention for two days next month and then two days of meetings at THQ in May. I'd like the get before then as there will be lots of note-taking involved.


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