Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'm back

120712_ blow drying causes cancer

I saw this public service announcement in Norwich and had to snap it... the funny thing is my youngest daughter thinks 'Eraserhead' is 'Jedward'. One is a 1977 American surrealist film written, produced and directed by David Lynch and the other is equally surrealist pop act from Ireland... unfortunately Miriam got the two mixed up... albeit maybe it's not so strange... hmm.

Anyway... I'm back from two weeks of rest and relaxation in Norfolk. I didn't get everything read or everything listened to that I wanted... the weather meant it wasn't that kind of break. I did, however, eat well, see different things, buy loads of books and CDs... and generally have a fab time.

I'll recap in due course. Need to upload my photos to Flickr first.

Anyway... it's nice to be back. I hope you enjoyed the Seven Questions interviews from the Foreshadows team and the music from Twice Removed? I intend on doing more with both parties in the future... including some thoughts on each of the albums on Twice Removed.


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