Saturday, June 01, 2013

Evernote just got more awesome ... with improved emailing features

Evernote just got more awesome!

They have introduced some features that vastly improve your experience when emailing articles to it.

First off ... you can add a 'to do' reminder:
Indicate a note is a reminder by adding ! in the subject line. Add !tomorrow to set a notification for tomorrow, !dayofweek (i.e. !tuesday) to be notified on that day, or pick a specific date using the format !YYYY/MM/DD.
Secondly ... you can add the article to a specific notebook:
Add @notebook name to the end of the subject line.
Thirdly... you can add tags:
Add #tag name at the end of the subject line. This feature works with existing tags in your account.
Please Note: You do need to follow this order: subject, reminder, notebook name, tags.

Lastly ... you can add text to the note:
To add some text to an existing note, put a " +" at the end of your subject line and we'll place the body of the email into the most recent note with that title.
These enhancements have made my Evernote experience better ... and it is a delight to see true improvements implemented in a tool I love.

Good job Evernote!


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