Monday, June 24, 2013

We're coming to London ... and need your ideas


My family and I are coming down to London next weekend for 7 days and need your help ... its been 4 years since our last visit and we need your ideas for places to go and things to see.

Not your usual tourist stuff, mind you ... but the spaces that are a wee bit special.


Think museums, galleries, boutiques, cafes, coffeehouses, recordstores, bookshops ... that kind of thing ... preferably independent and unique.

My friend Royzoner has kicked things off with this list:

  • The Bowie exhibit at the V&A,
  • The Bialy Bagel Shop and Kahalia Cafe on Brick Lane,
  • Whole foods on Kensington High Street for foodstuffs,
  • The Coffee Plant in Notting Hill, and
  • Clapham Picturehouse or the Waterloo South Bank IMAX for a Cinematic experience.
However ... he couldn't recommend a Recordstore.

So what do you recommend? Leave a comment or '@' me on Twitter (@headphonaught).


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