Thursday, June 06, 2013

Loving ... Preserved Sound

Today I received codes to some of the albums from Preserved Sound ... a fab wee record label from Krakow, Poland; that specialises in my kind of awesome: ambient, instrumental, neo-classical and acoustic music.

According to the blurb on their website - ...
Our philosophy is simple: to release limited editions of handmade albums from ambient, instrumental and acoustic musicians. Buying records is about more than just the music (although this matters very much to us too), and Preserved Sound hopes to make products that will be cherished far longer than their digital counterparts.
This is a label I can get behind ... with a roster that includes Endless Melancholy, New Century Classics and Vitaly Beskrovny amongst others ... I don't think that's particularly hard.

I'll be posting on their releases over the next month or so ... but, in the meantime, check out their music over on their Bandcamp page and if you like what you hear ... do what you can to support truly great independent music.


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