Saturday, June 29, 2013

Our visit to London ... Day 1

290613_ London Eye

Spent a couple of hours on the Southbank this afternoon.

Before hand, however, we had a whole heap of hassle trying to get our travel sorted - we can buy Adult Oyster cards without any issue but the we'ans need photos for theirs ... with their cards taking up to 3 weeks to get produced. So we need to buy them daily all-day travel tickets ... which isn't an issue except I wish someone that represents Transport for London could actually tell me that. Put it this way ... the folks we sought help from in Paris were friendlier and more helpful than the folks we met today in London.

Anyway ... we went to Waterloo and walked along outside the Southbank Centre ... gazing at the London Eye and the long, long, long queues for it.

We grabbed burritos at Wacaha and ate al fresco.

London is going to be fun ... once we've gotten our bearings.


290613_ London Eye no2

290613_ London Eye no3

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