Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Broadcast @ Glasgow ABC

The Broadcast gig was pretty good... not great but pretty good. The whole evening was fab - met my pal at Queen St station and went for food in Wagamama. Food was, as usual, excellent.

We then took the car (it was wet!!!) to Sauchiehall St. The concert was in the ABC which is a converted cinema. I was suprised as to how great the venue was. Wooden floors, comfy leather sofas and stools. A raised area with booths, cream leather sofas and long wooden tables. It felt more like a club than a gig... almost felt like you were in the Bronze in Buffy and were waiting for Willow and Zander to appear.

The support band were called Things in Herd - they are on Fence Records - their sound is very new folk - delicate and downbeat. The guitarist chap and the keyboard girl sat and played... the 2nd guitarist stood but it was an electric guitar so he is excused. The music was lovely and we didn't feel awkward about sitting down to watch them. I will check them out.

Broadcast then came on. Its now Trish, the singer, and the bass player (with 2 hired hands - drummer and keyboard player/guitarist). They had great visuals and played the new songs well. The new material is very rhythmic, groove orientated... and sounded good. But I missed the Broadcast I know and love...

Broadcast was/is the whole group... not just Trish. It was also the retro future graphics and the look of the band. The hired help didn't quite look the part...but played their socks off and kudos to them for that. We missed the magic of being transported away with the otherworldly projections and space music. The spark just wasn't there.

Not to say they weren't good... they were. They also weren't as muso and arty...which meant the music wasn't as dissonant as before - the noisefests were still noisey but not as long or drawn out. Come on, let's go wasn't as good as I have heard it performed - best was when I heard them at the Garage.

It was a great night. It was fantastic to see my mate and catch up... and thanks to his generousity, I have some new tunes to mull over.

There may not be a 6th Broadcast gig for a while but I definately will be going back to the ABC, its a great venue and the star of the evening.

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