Monday, September 19, 2005

What's on my iPod today???

Trying to get through the day with a dodgy tum, rain outside (a colleague has pinched my brollie!!!) and loud co-workers, one of which sounds like Ubu from the Simpsons... I keep waiting for her to welcome me to the "Kwikee Mart"...

Anyway, my trusty iPod is keeping me well fed with good tunes.

Listened/Listening to:

* Amazon by Thiago De Mello - lovely but kind of cheesy mid 70s Brazilian sunshine.
* Beautifully Human by Jill Scott - I love this! Its soulful and funky... and I love Jill's voice... she is something else!
* Bitches Brew by Miles Davis - wow! I finally get this album. It is from another world and is great when I want to focus on creating graphics and presentations and generally want time in my head.
* Kicking the national habit by Grand National - this is not the kind of music I really would listen to but my mate at Rockstar suggested I give it a go. Its great! Reminds me of the Police for some reason. Catchy.
* Quiet Riot by Muki - this is a special album that doesn't really fit in any one genre. It has elements of jazz and drum 'n' bass and soul. I love the track "I don't want to know" and used it in my set on Saturday (more on that later)

With tunes like this... who cares that its wet and I'm at work? (On my lunch break!)

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