Friday, September 23, 2005

What I am listening to today?

In no particular order...

* Dev4Gamers podcast - Short spiritual devotions for gamers - I'm not really a gamer but I can relate.
* The Best of Chris Moyles podcast - One of my wife's favourite DJs - he is really funny... I miss him in the mornings and it is great to catch up - I dig his banter, not really fussed about the pop he plays.
* Jeff Wayne's "The War of the Worlds" - I gift from my salsa pal. There are a few folk who hold this album in awe the way I hold "Pet Sounds" or "Tanto Tempo" with reverance. I do enjoy listening to it but like to spend enough time to listen to it in a oner.
* The XLR8R podcast and this weeks free downloads - broadening my mind. Really like the Whitey remix of the Bloc Party track.
* Original Soundtracks by Passengers - mentioned this already. This album is seminal for me and really opened my mind to new tunes and U2.
* In Between Dreams by Jack Johnson - he is so upbeat... he's like a shot of caffeine or a ray of sunshine.
* My "Rocking iMix" with Living Colour/Helmet & House of Pain/Bad Brains/Cornelius/Takako Minekawa/Whitey... to name a few.

Pretty varied...

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