Friday, September 16, 2005

Walking down Buchanan Street...

Went for a walk... Didn't mean to end up in Fopp... honest!

The sun was shining and all the beautiful people in Glasgow are out and about. So too were the chuggers and the Big Issue sales people and even a preacher.

Felt sorry for the preacher... His message is valid... extremely valid, in fact... but his approach and his communication medium is so wrong. No one was listening - everyone was walking passed go here or there... myself included. Its hard enough to present to a "captive" audience without slides or multimedia but to do it to a see of complete indifference seems completely bonkers. And that is what, unfortunately, the chap looked... bonkers. Shouting to nobody... bible in hand... spitting his words in his excitement.

The days of John the Baptiser shouting in the desert are over. We no longer have the ability nor the right to capture attention in this way. We need to build relationships and live our faith. Words without actions are only words... ether - people need to see you living and being your faith, not just talking about it.

Anyway, sun is shining and I am enjoying the walk... Feel I am becoming rude - I ignore Big Issue sales people... I ignored the charity collector at the enterance to FOPP and I loathe Subway's JW-like sales folk... I feel rude and I need to work on it...

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