Monday, September 26, 2005

Broadcast & Wagamama

Going to see Broadcast tonight at the Glasgow ABC on Sauchiehall Street. Going with my mate from Rockstar North.

Been big fans of the band for a while - try to catch them whenever they tour. Seen them 4 times already. I love their sound... the Ha Ha Sound if you like... its unique. They are on Warp but not the typical Warp product. Electronic. Female vocals. BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Lovely.

As a result, I am presently listening to Broadcast's first 2 albums on the iPod: the noise made by people and Ha Ha Sound. I haven't purchased Tender Buttons yet but have the single "America's Boy" which I downloaded from iTunes.

Hoping to go to my fav food place tonight too - Wagamama. I love their food and have had some special meals with special people there. They spoilt my girls when I went there with my wife - they gave them T shirts and really looked after us. I love it there.

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