Friday, September 16, 2005

Thanks to my Friends...

I have some great friends... really great friends!

To my pal who works for Rockstar North (the company that do the GTA series). I know you are pretty busy and that you work mental hours. I appreciate we haven't had a blether in a while... but I know you are there for me (I have your back too, bro). Your support and generousity is wonderful. Thanks for being there and for the MA1 jacket - it kept me toasty today!

I am proud of one of my other pals who has transformed himself from an introspective, shy, kind of ackward guy to a pretty confident, Salsa-dancing, cosmopolitan denizen of Edinburgh. I am proud of you - You've really come along way and inspired me in the process. Thanks for all your Mac support and for "Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds" - I love it although I would have never bought it on my own.

To my pal who works as a Nurse - you are a great mate and its our pleasure to provide you with digs at your favourite boutique hotel "Green Gables" whenever you are in town. Thanks for being there - my wife and I have your back re: the wicked stepmother!

To my pal "shopgirl" who I work with - You are a solace in my working world and I appreciate the blethers. I am delighted to see you settled with your new man and really happy to see you happy! You deserve it. Also glad you've moved nearer so we can chew the fat over skinny coffees in Starbucks.

To my mate who works for the Salvation Army (His remit is the youth of the West of Scotland.) I have real respect for you and welcome your counsel. You always tell it like it is and give me a different perspective from the selfish one I battle with. Thanks for listening and giving me good advice.

To my friends from Cowdenbiza. I appreciate your love and friendship. We don't get enough time together but looking forward to the 24th Sept.

Lastly, to my wife... I love you and thank you for the ALL the friendship/support/encouragement you give me.

Hopefully I can give back all the love and support and friendship that you all give me! I love you guys - thank you!

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