Thursday, September 22, 2005

Why I bought a K750i...

I bought the Sony Ericsson K750i for 2 main reasons:
1) It has a 2mp camera.
2) SE phones work with Salling Clicker - A wonderful piece of software that allows me to control my iBook when I do presentations or pauses iTunes when I receive a call.

I have used Salling Clicker on my previous T610 and P800 and think it is wonderful. For £17 you get a lot. It won't do this on my K750i but with my P800, it shows the album art work when it is linked to iTunes. I know this is sad but its a nice to have when you are controlling iTunes in the bath.

I have also used it when presenting at Erskine Salvation Army - worked a treat. Didn't need to worry about my PP slides or have to swap with my wife when it was her turn to talk. It just works...

Although, it won't work with the ROKR (hence the reason why I have a K750i - I actually waited for the ROKR) btw, check this article out

Only problem is that Salling Clicker haven't released the upgrade that will work with the K750i. I have spoken to Jonas on it and he promised it for late Summer. I can't wait... no really, kid on Christmas Eve here... I CANNAE WAIT!!!

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