Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Interesting post on iLounge (formerly iPodLounge...) about convergence of tech.
I think the whole convergence thing is hype. It is a way of creating demand that isn't there. However, if done right then it is a good thing. Until recently, I would carry my SE P800 around with me along with my iPod. If I wanted music I'd use the iPod... if I wanted a phone or an organiser I'd use the P800 (Although I sync my iPod I only reference the calender on rare occassions). The P800 even had this funky app from Metro that could give me directions on subways in Tokyo, London and even Glasgow. I would never dream of using the phone for photos - it was just too awful to use.
I now have a K750i and am so impressed with the photos that I regularly upload to flickr images captured by my phone. I used it at the Miffy exhibition when my Kodak's batteries died. My phone has replaced my camera.
I also use the phone to listen to Chris Moyles - I now no longer need to carry around a radio (something I have done since 9/11 when I couldn't get the news online). The K750i will never replace my iPod but it cuts down the amount of stuff I carry. Its the two thing scenario - two hands / two things... I have my phone & my iPod.
I want things to do what they do well... and I believe the K750i does the phone/camera/radio very well and the iPod does the music thing well (6,051 songs to date) so I think convergence can work.

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