Friday, September 16, 2005

Today's visit to Fopp

I love FOPP - its my favourite record store... ever!!!

I should list all the CDs I have bought there recently in the sale... Some stormers... maybe some other time. I think their stock is so varied and their prices are so good.

Picked up "There will be a light" by Ben Harper & The Blind Boys of Alabama. It's amazing - Ben Harper is a guitar player of note and his band are skilled blues players... but include the Blind Boys and oh my goodness what a synergy!!! The harmonies and the blues and the soul and the gospel... a potent combination to make anyone... and I mean anyone say "hallelujah". Absolutely uplifting and lovely.

I need more music like this. I am sick of Christian music being so second-rate. Its fair to say this CD is original and I believe we need more originality. Worship CDs have their place but we need entertainment and inspiration too...

This CD is inspirational and I thank Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama for it.

...oh, and it was a fiver in FOPP!!!

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