Friday, September 23, 2005

What am I listening to today?

I'm using various tools to feed my need for tunage today...

Listened to Chris Moyles on Radio 1 on my K750i this morning. I then switched to my iPod when we went underground and I lost the reception (must have looked a right geek swapping one set of headphones for another)

On the iPod, I've been listening to Banned in DC - Bad Brain's Greatest Riffs (powerful stuff) and Tatako Minekawa's Fun9 album (I love the track Spin Spider Spin).

On my WMP (shooosh... don't tell the Cult of Mac but I do use WMP at work) I have been listening to the following:
* Space Jungle Luv by Oneness of JuJu - lush mid 70's soul/jazz/funk with an African vibe - beautiful and funky!
* The Music According to Lafayette Gilchrist by Lafayette Gilchrist - one of my random purchases in Fopp a while back - great jazz in a "new be bop" style that was produced by Vernon Reid from Living Colour.

I love music... its my thing...

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