Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I love my wife...

I love my wife... I really do! I think she is fantastic. Somedays, like today, I think she is even more fantastic than normal...

Why? Two reasons:
1) She installed new RAM into our sick iMac and has brought it back to health.
2) Our (or should I say my wife's) garden has been nominated for consideration in the annual North Motherwell Best Garden comp.

Why are these reasons to love my wife more?

Well... my wife is a very "static" person. Sparks fly out of her like she is some sort of Marvel comic heroine. She managed to install the RAM even though she was deeply uncomfortable with do so. She just sucked in her fear and did it... and I think that is pretty cool.

With regards to the garden... it is her pride and joy - she puts a lot of effort into the garden and I am so proud that this effort has been recognised. She hasn't won, yet, but at least she has been recognised as being a player.

Well done honey!

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