Monday, June 02, 2008

East of Scotland Divisional Ladies Night Out

Yep... that's me!

I was there... the only bloke... surrounded by ladies... The things I do for Olly, eh???

Olly singing

Olly was invited to sing at this gathering by Maj. Dawn Mizon. She was awesome... but then I am biased. Afterwards, Helen - the manager from Ashbrook House Homeless Hostel spoke and I wish I had my MacBook... her story would have been ideal for something beautiful.

Anyway... all was not lost... their chocolate covered fruit & marshmallow kebabs were excellent.

chocolate kebab

I am a strong advocate for giving space for peoples stories... and tonight was another example of how strong they can be. Great night.

Oh and it was great to see Dawn and Babs from Glenrothes there too.

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Chris H said...

The chocolate fountain made another appearance at the ladies' group tonight - think Dawn enjoyed it on Monday :)


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