Sunday, June 01, 2008

This is cool :: Photojojo

I am a Flickr geek and love all the mashups that people have built using it.

One that I love is photojojo - sign up for their bi-weekly time capsule newsletter that picks photos you have taken/uploaded a year before... and drops in into your inbox to give you a sweet wee reminder of your life a year ago. I think we tend to forget where we have been... we don't always look back to the stuff we have created/ commented/ discussed/ produced... and I think the idea behind the photojojo time capsules is a sound one which helps me to remember.

Here's the link to my latest time capsule :: 2008-6-1 :: enjoy it... and sign up for your own one (that you are welcome to share with me). In doing so... you get some fab tips/ ideas too to help with your photography.

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