Monday, June 16, 2008

This is cool :: my we'ans' cards

Both Dayna and Miriam made me Fathers Day cards... and I thought they were worthy of a "this is cool" post ::

Rock On - Miriam's card (front)

Rock On - Miriam's card (inside)

Miriam's had a real RAWK flavour... apparently she loves my music... although that doesn't quite explain why she always wants High School Musical on in the car.

iCard - Dayna's card (front)

Whereas Dayna's card was more subtle... can you guess what it is?

iCard - Dayna's card (inside)

Yes... its a MacBook... how cool is that? It does, however, point to the previous post when my we'an thinks of me... she thinks of my MacBook.

I am proud as punch with them both.

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