Sunday, June 22, 2008

Post-Spooned Out???

The Spoon

The Spooned Out??? gathering on Friday night was pretty special...

The Essential Band

The Essential Band were sounding good... with a selection of sweet covers... creating a special sing-a-long ambience. Nice!


It was fun being behind the counter for once... I now know how to make lattes and americanos... and random panninis. Fun! Thanks to Lauren (pictured) for teaching me all you know - each one teach one :-)

Adam's art

Adam had a ton of art to display... which was sweet - I love his stuff! I want to incorporate his work (and the work of others) into these kind of gatherings... make it a multi-sensory thing.

Chris, Dan and me

It was great to see some fab friends... especially Chris and Dan from Glenrothes. It was weird, however, to speak to them with more than 140 characters at a time :-)


The highlight for me was the impromptu jam session... where folk like Scott (me included) grabbed random things to keep the beat going. My right hand is still sore from playing the bucket... good times! I think we have proven concept... here's to making this something regular. Thanks Jen & Paul for making this happen!

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