Sunday, June 22, 2008

This is cool :: Jay-Z's comments

I have found Jay-Z's comments on the backlash against him headlining Glastonbury very inspiring... from a music perspective and, with a wee bit of imagination, have been considering them from a faith / culture perspective too ::
"It's ridiculous, if we don't embrace what is new, then how do we progress?"

"It's 2008, what is that about? That's such old school thinking, that's not even how the world thinks anymore. So I was really taken aback (by the criticism)."

"These barriers that they have are only put up there to separate us.

"They are there so people have a way of filing the music but that's not the way kids today listen to music.

"I listen to all types of music and that's what should happen, that's what the world should be about, mixing culture.

"There's only good music and bad music."
Personally... I don't like most mainstream rap... all the money, guns, girls and stuff jars with me... but I do love the beats.

The concept of mixing culture is something we need to embrace in the church... examine... develop... we need move towards consumption, production and sharing... so we can progress... instead of building barriers.

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