Thursday, June 26, 2008

Motherwell :: Lido di Jesolo, Italy

Venezia 5

On Friday night / Saturday morning... Olly, Dayna, Miriam and my outlaws are heading back to Lido di Jesolo north of Venice in Italy (the most beautiful city in the world)... and yes... we are traveling by bus.

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The iPods, DS' and my PSP are all charged and ready for this monumental journey. We have books and puzzles too... oh and some wonderful scenery to see on the way... including, if we are blessed, Mont Blanc in the morning light.

Mont Blanc 3

We intend to visit Venice more than once... we hope to see more of the city... get off the regular tourist trails... find our own special places.

We are looking forward to the beach... the pool... the food... the town itself... and, most of all, we are looking forward to switching off and just being together.

I am going to use this time for a pseudo Mental Detox ::
The idea is simple: take your TV, your DVD player, your video iPod, your XBOX 360, your laptop, your PSP, and say goodbye to them all for seven days. Simple, but not at all easy. Like millions of others before you, you’ll be shocked at just how difficult - yet also how life-changing - a week spent unplugged can really be.
I say pseudo because I will have my iPod... and will play some games, now and again... This is more about me unplugging from the 'tinterweb... and taking time out for me and mine. To relax and recharge... and prepare for the future.

To this end... there won't be many blog posts or tweets while we are away... the mobile wont be on... comments wont be published... and I will try to read without listening to music.

I intend to read... eat great food with great company... to connect and share with my family... to walk and talk and smile in the sunshine... and play ping pong in the fading remnants of the day.

I can't wait.
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