Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day

Dayna & Miriam... with some assistance from Olly... woke me this morning with a bizarre mashup entitled Happy Fathers Day to you.

I received breakfast in bed (choco hoops & toast with ham, cheese & boiled egg) washed down with OJ and some rooibos tea. Oh and a cake... yes a cake... that had Homer Simpson rocking out on it to the slogan... you rock!

Today... I have to disagree... the ones who RAWK in the Mathie household are Olly, Dayna & Miriam... for giving me such a beautiful day. Thank you!

Oh and sorry for all the white flesh above... in a couple of weeks its should be nice & brown... that is if I get to the beach without Greenpeace finding me and trying to throw me back in. It gets annoying after a while :-)

Double oh... Happy Fathers Day to my dad & to James, my outlaw. Thanks for everything!

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BF said...

I just love Pippin's face in this - ah memories of another family dog.


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