Sunday, June 22, 2008

emchurch in Glasgow

Medusa overhead

I am heading out shortly to meet up with other members of the Emerging Scotland Facebook Group at St.Arbucks in Borders at the Fort. Here's the deets ::
The original reason for this group was the hope that we might find new ways to connect with and support one another.

I have spoken to a few of you already about how we might do this- and I think the common idea was that we should just meet, and decide together if we wanted to take this thing further.

So does anyone fancy meeting up for coffee, Glasgow Fort, Starbucks (upstairs at Borders) on Sunday afternoon, 22nd June. I will be there, Latte in hand, hoping for some good chat...
I am looking forward to meeting f2f with The Goans and spending more time with Stewart Cutler (aka swryv) - will update this post later with pics and more deets.

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Johnny said...

Looking forward to hearing how it went, Thomas.


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